January 3, 2013

Hair affaires I


Heralding the dawn of a new category, we present the Hair affaires
Classics in lace, simple ribbons or sweet Prairie, adorn thy tresses 
with these lovingly hand crafted ornaments.


Lace Classics

~ Laced with cream ~

A symphony of black lace and pearl satin that never goes out of style.
Bow measures approximately 8.5cm by 4cm (3.3 in by 1.5in).

~ Laced in champagne ~

Champagne draped with a decorative lace blanket.
Bow measures 10cm by 6.7cm (3.9in by 2.6in).

~ Laced with smoky blue ~

Pleasing is a backdrop of cool blue and plush satin.
Bow measures 10cm by 5cm (3.9in by 2in).

~ Ebony and Ivory lace hairbands ~

Beautiful hairbands of splendid lace make for an elegant statement.
Ebony bow measures 12cm by 3.7cm (4.in by 1.5in).
Ivory bow measures 10cm by 2cm (3.9in by 0.8in).
Hairband width measures 0.5cm.
Ebony $15, Ivory $15

~ Burgundy navy ~

A lovely hair tie of rich burgundy paired with classic navy.
Bow measures approximately 9.2cm by 4.4cm (3.4in by 1.7in).


~ Mauve lace ~

Prim and pretty, a mauve bow is crowned with a pearl jewel.
Bow measures 8.5cm by 6cm (3.3in by 2.35in).

~ Heather felt ~

A plump, fuzzy felt bow with lace trim, cute and delightful this is.
Bow measures 11cm by 6cm (4.3in by 2.34in).

~ Cream organza bow ~

An ethereal mix of organza and lace for winsome, girly appeal.
Bow measures 10cm by 5cm (3.9in by 1.9in).

~ Tan suede lace ~

A sprinkle of sugar and spice makes for a lovely day out.
Bow measures 8.5cm by 5cm (3.3in by 1.9in).

~ Embossed butterfly ~

Caramel felt with embossed designs crafted into a gorgeous butterfly tie.
Bow measures approximately 9.7cm by 7.6cm (3.8in by 3in).

~ Organza leaf ~

Gossamer leaf prints adorn a lovely ribbon.
Bow measures 10cm by 7cm (3.9in by 2.7in).

~ Pink suede punch ~

As Sweet as can be, a delicious pink ribbon with scalloping.
Bow measures 9cm by 3cm (3.5in by 1.2in).

~ Crinkle suede bow ~

Clean and simple, tan suede is set off by crinkle edged ribbon.
Bow measures 9cm by 1.8cm (3.5in by 0.7in).

~ Fuchsia rose ~

Like a rose in full bloom, Fuchsia roseleaf brightens up any day.
Rose measures 11cm (4.3in) across.

*Tip: Made from wired ribbon, so ruffles may be primped accordingly.

Simple ribbons & bows

~ Pink polka in mint ~

Adorably retro, a mint grosgrain ribbon dotted with pink takes the cake.
Bow measures 8cm by 5.scm (3.1in by 2in).

~ Grey line ~

Easy and effortless, a grey saddle stitched ribbon crafted into a timeless bow.
Bow measures 9.5cm by 1.2cm (3.7in by 0.5in).

~ Blue denim ~

When in doubt, always (always!) go with dark wash.
Bow measures 8.5cm by 2.6cm (3.3in by 2.1in).
Barrette measures 6cm in length.

~ Gold check ~

A golden graduated checked ribbon to keep the bangs at bay.
Bow measures 6cm by 1cm (2.3in by 0.4in).

~ Velvet navy hairband ~

A touch of sophistication in luxurious velvet.
Ribbon measures 13cm by 8cm (2in by 3.1in).
Hairband width is 0.5cm.

~ Black satin diamante hairband ~

Midnight satin contrasts brilliantly with a twinkling diamante buckle.
Bow measures 11cm by 7cm (4.3in by 2.6in). 
Hairband width measures 0.5cm.

~ Satin silver filigree ~

An elegant pin of shimmering silver to grace your locks,
while ornate filigree and crystal add a dash of lavishness.
Bow measures 7.5cm by 3.3cm (2.9in by 1.3in).

~ Satin lilac ~

A miniature heart dangles charmingly from a stunning lilac ribbon.
Bow measures approximately 7.5cm by 1.3cm (2.9in by 0.5in).

~ Satin navy polka ~

Keep wayward hair in place with a cute polka dotted clip.
Bow measures 8cm by 1.5cm (3.1in by 0.6in).

December 12, 2011

Vintage ornaments


If you share the same fascination for all things vintage as I do, 
these treasures are dedicated to you.


~ Vintage Pink Rose ~

Sugar is sweet, and so are you. 
Vintage Pink Rose exudes poise and charm.
Made with Czech glass beads, glass pearls, with Japanese resin rose. 
Designed with brass charms, chain, clasp and connectors. 
Necklace measures 46cm (18.1in) around.

~ Bezel Rings ~

Revelling in jewelled splendour of days gone by, 
flowers and pearls adorn pleasant olden bezels.
Made with Japanese resin flowers and glass pearls. 
Designed with adjustable brass rings with 1.7cm diameters.

Cream Rose  $8  ~Made to order~
Pink Dahlia  (bezel measures 1.8cm across)  $10  ~SOLD~
Pearl Bezel  (bezel measures 2.5cm across)  $8

~ Antiqued Butterfly ~

A lovely butterfly rests alongside a coral rose and glossy crystal.
Made with Japanese resin rose, together with plated silver
 and antiqued silver charms and ring.
Adjustable ring measures 1.7cm in diameter, 
with 2.5cm wingspan for the antiqued butterfly charm.

*Note: Slightly askew butterfly is part of the intended design.

~ Garnet Bow ~

Cute as a button, wee brass ribbons tie in 
with dazzling garnet-red zircon solitaires.
Made with semi-precious stones of zircon and crystals, together with brass embellishments. Drop length measures 1.5cm, excluding ear hooks.
~Made to order~

~ Antique Curio ~

Irresistibly quaint and all degrees of quirky, 
Antique Curio touches the heart.
Made with Czech glass beads, Austrian crystals, freshwater pearls and crystal pearls. Designed with brass and plated gold charms, chain, clasp and connectors. Bracelet measures 19.5cm (7.7in) around.

~ Pearl Duchess ~

Genteel and precious, doll up in archaic vogue.
Made with freshwater pearls and crystals. Designed with brass connectors 
and ear posts. Pearls measure 1cm tall by 0.8cm wide. 
Drop length measures 3cm, excluding ear posts.

~ Bijou Creme ~

Understated elegance at its best, luxuriate in 
pearls and classic grandeur.
Made with glass pearls, Swarovski crystals and Japanese resin rose. 
Designed with brass charms, chain, clasp and connectors. 
Necklace measures 47cm (18.5in) around.

~ Sapphire Drops ~

Enduring in its simplicity, accent any outfit 
with these splendid earrings.
Made with glass beads, together with brass connectors and ear hooks. 
Sapphire glass drop measures 1.3cm tall by 1cm wide. 
Drop length measures 3.7cm, excluding ear hooks.
~Made to order~

~ Sapphire Trifle ~

Unlocked from a secret stash, bewitching snippets, 
weird and wonderful, clatter away.
Designed with Czech glass beads, resin cameo, glass and crystal pearls. 
Made with brass charms, chain, clasp and connectors. 
Bracelet measures 19.5cm (7.7in) around.

~ Purple Raindrops ~

Perfect for work or play, clear purple teardrops and 
silver pearls dangle from bonny little snowflakes.
Designed with glass beads and glass pearls. Made with plated silver and antiqued silver charms and connectors. Drop length measures 2.5cm, excluding ear hooks.

~ Black Petal ~

Sleek and composed, black is de rigueur.
Made with glass beads, as well as plated silver embellishments and ear hooks with crystals. Black glass drop measures 1.1cm tall and 0.8cm wide. Long ear hook measures 2.7cm tall. Drop length measures 1.8cm, excluding ear hooks.

~ Angel's Keepsakes ~

Fallen snowflakes, arias and serenades, 
an angel's trove these keepsakes make.
Silver filigree button measures 2.1cm across. Made with crystal and glass pearls and beads.. Designed with plated silver and antiqued silver charms, chain, clasp and connectors. Bracelet measures 18.5cm (7.3in) around.

*Note: Toggle key may be fitted to original lock clasp or closed ring (see picture).